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L Shaped Wardrobe Specialist in Singapore

At Amare La Casa, we provide innovative, tailored solutions so you can have the ideal wardrobe for your needs and home. We are your quintessential custom-made wardrobe specialist in Singapore.

We specialise in the construction and installation of custom wall-mounted wardrobes and are your top choice when it comes to customised wardrobe products. WIth an accumulated total of more than a decade’s experience, our dedicated team of wardrobe consultants in Singapore have the necessary knowledge, skillset and insight especially when it comes to creating and installing your ideal custom made wardrobe systems.



When you’re short on space — as is often the case in Singapore — but also need ample storage, consider the L shaped wardrobe. The main benefit of an L shaped wardrobe is that you can maximise every inch of space in your room. It fits into every niche and corner and you can customise the size so it’s a fantastic solution for what may otherwise be unusable space.

Perfectly made to fit into angled recesses, L shaped wardrobes take full advantage of a room’s space so that you have a well-designed storage solution that will keep your clothes and accessories organised and easily accessible. Get inspired by some of our L shaped wardrobe ideas if you’re considering the switch to this smart storage solution.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our main priority. If you’re looking for impeccable wardrobes designed by professionals in Singapore, get in touch with us today!



At Amara La Casa, you can always count on us to provide you with a variety of custom designed wardrobes.

Some of the wardrobes we specialise in and can customise into L shape to fit your exact dimensions and  requirements are:

Walk-in Wardrobe

L shaped walk in wardrobes are especially useful in smaller spaces. With modern contoured cushioning and rigorous safety standards, we give you exceptional value at incredibly affordable prices. Along with the quality, we also do not compromise on the look of your L shape wardrobe. Our wardrobes feature inherent design flexibility as well as panel and material variety so you can select from a wide range of panels such as clear or tinted glass, wood grain and vinyl finishing. We even offer plain panels that you can additionally personalise with paint or wallpaper.

Carpentry Wardrobe

At Amare La Casa, we don’t just offer you dream storage systems and solutions. We also tap into our expertise as wardrobe specialists so our professional team can deliver a custom built wardrobe from scratch just the way you want it. With our years of experience in bespoke high quality carpentry services in Singapore, we know exactly what our customers are looking for and can advise you on what works best for your specific needs. 

With a modular concept, a L shape wardrobe can easily be created. Our professional designers and carpentry team ensure the L shape wardrobe you get will be built to last for long term use, design promise and fit seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home.

Pole System Wardrobe

Pole system wardrobes are a perfect fit for homes in Singapore as they use your wall, floor and ceiling as the backing to fully utilise the space you have. They are a moveable built-in wardrobe, which means they can be relocated as they are built to last for long term use and flexibility. By utilising design concepts and proper space planning to maximise both vertical and horizontal space, pole systems can be made into L shape open concept wardrobes that fit snugly in your residential or even retail space.

Wall System Wardrobe

The wall system wardrobe is another customisable best seller. It is similar to the pole system, where it uses the wall, ceiling and floor as support to provide maximum capacity. It can store heavy items and is easy to clean as there are rollers on the floor instead of an elevated platform. You can conveniently dismantle and relocate it so you’ll get maximum use out of this wardrobe. Being fully customisable, the wall system wardrobe can be made into a L shape as well.

Built-in Wardrobe

A key staple in almost all households in Singapore, this is an integrated wardrobe system that helps with storage without the visual clutter. It is space saving and tailored to your specific wardrobe needs including a L shape if you prefer. A built-in wardrobe also flushes seamlessly with other furniture and this integration saves you the hassle of cleaning those nooks and crannies between furniture!

Sliding Wardrobe

Our intelligently designed sliding wardrobes are made with an emphasis on getting the most storage space in an easily accessible, fuss-free manner. They can be made into a L shape and come equipped with features like smooth roller gliding, bottom rack, panel variety, modern contoured cushioning and design flexibility. 

At Amare La Casa, we focus on safety, so our sliding doors are glazed to comply with the requirements of Standards AS 1288 and AS 2208.

Amare La Casa believes in providing the best materials, quality workmanship and excellent service at a price that fits in your budget. As a manufacturer, distributor, importer and exporter of wardrobes in Singapore, we are well experienced in sourcing materials, procuring and creating wardrobes for our customers without exorbitant costs. We’re committed to and confident in the product we give you, so our wardrobes even come with a 10-year guarantee on quality and defects. As with any custom wardrobe, the cost is based on the customisation to suit your needs, home and room. Choice of materials, design and size are all factors that determine the cost of a L shape wardrobe. Set up a free consultation with us to get a quotation on your desired L shape wardrobe.


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