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5 Benefits of Having Customised Wardrobes in Your Home

Plan on installing a customised wardrobe? We explore the top five benefits of having one in your home. Read on.

Understanding the Different Types of Wardrobes

There’s no denying that wardrobes are an essential part of any living space, which makes choosing the right design crucial for the overall look and feel of your home in Singapore. Beyond the space and organisational structure that it will […]

Luxury Living: Having a Walk-in Wardrobe in Your Singapore Home

Of all the signs of domestic luxury, having a walk-in closet in one’s home is a clear indicator of thoughtful design and sophistication. Forget the million-dollar view and vintage furniture.

All There is to Know About Modular Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is said to be the heart of every home. And just like any part of your abode that requires well-thought-out plans to create the perfect space, every element that goes into transforming the kitchen necessitates thorough consideration.

5 Things to Know About the Wall System Wardrobe

Having suitable storage integrated into your living space is the key to turning any room or area into a clutter-free sanctuary. Of all the storage solutions available, the one item of furniture that is highly capable of delivering on your need for a more organised living is the wardrobe.

Deciding Between a Wall & Pole System Wardrobe

Most homeowners living in space-scarce Singapore frequently face the common predicament of having a full-sized wardrobe fit into the limited space they have available.