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Open Wardrobes in Singapore – Open Concept Wardrobe Solutions

Solve Your Need for an Open Wardrobe in SingapoRE

Open wardrobes can do so much for your home in Singapore than just serving as another storage solution for your clothes, bags, and shoes. They also help to maximise your living area by utilising unconventional spaces or corners, especially if you live in a HDB flat or apartment with an unorthodox layout or floor plan. With the flexibility of storage space offered by open wardrobes, you can also keep your belongings organised in a way that fits your evolving needs.




Here are some of the essential needs a built-in doorless wardrobe can fulfil for you.

Meet Your Need For Organisation with Open Concept Wardrobes in Singapore

The appeal of an open wardrobe concept is simple for any homeowner. In land-scarce Singapore, being able to save every square footage in your home has become a rare asset today. An open wardrobe presents an opportunity for you to make full use of an empty or underutilised corner in your home. You’ll be able to tap on double the storage space through this smart solution. With this extra capacity in your room, you’ll finally be able to purchase the new clothes and accessories you deserve — no more worries about or headaches about re-organising all of your belongings.

Open Concept Wardrobes: A Practical Yet Aesthetic Solution to Space-Saving in Singapore

Apart from offering additional storage space, an open wardrobe concept also provides a myriad of benefits. For starters, you no longer have to guess where your item is because they’re all out in the open and not hidden behind doors. You no longer have to go through messy outfits clumped together – with all your clothes in plain sight, planning your next look cannot get easier! An open wardrobe also prevents your closet space from feeling too tight and confined, elevating your wardrobe experience.

Additionally, an open wardrobe eliminates the need for doors, which could potentially minimise carpentry costs and help better manage your budget during the home renovation process.

Discover Open Wardrobes in Singapore at an Affordable Price

An open wardrobe has the luxury and draw of offering you your very own private space in Singapore. Functioning as your very own private sanctuary, start your day right by browsing your full wardrobe at one glance. Save time picking the perfect work outfit, or clock some quality personal grooming time.

Most customised wardrobes come with an unrealistic price tag. But here at Amare La Casa, we believe in making affordable open wardrobes in Singapore, so you can pamper yourself with additional storage without breaking the bank.

On top of this, we make it a point to visit your home for a truly customised space solution. Your personal preferences, everyday habits and lifestyle will help our experts build the wardrobe around you and your household.

Shop Open Concept Wardrobes in Singapore at Amare La Casa

With more than a decade of experience in designing open wardrobes in Singapore, you’re in reliable hands. You can expect a quick one-day-only installation, and a 10-year product warranty, making your purchase with us completely risk-free.

Open concept wardrobes can be built with these storage solutions – wall system wardrobespole system wardrobes and even fully-customised local carpentry wardrobes.

Also, you can make them in shapes that you prefer. Normal straight shape, L Shape or even a walk in wardrobe.



An open wardrobe functions just like a typical wardrobe, but without doors. This allows you to see all of your clothes, bags and shoes at one glance and makes it much easier to reach for whatever you need. Having your clothes hanging in the open also keeps them fresh, so you won’t have to worry about them smelling musty from storage and having to do excessive laundry. Amare La Casa offers customised open concept wardrobe solutions that are tailor-built for your home in Singapore.
The cost of an open wardrobe in Singapore depends on the design, size, and materials of your open wardrobe. At Amare La Casa, we take pride in designing wardrobes that not only complement the interior design of your home but also cater to your specific needs and preferences. Rest assured that our wardrobes are of the highest quality at reasonable and affordable prices. Get in touch with us today!

If you are looking for a stylish, practical and affordable open wardrobe in Singapore, look no further than Amare La Casa. With our experienced consultants and impressive portfolio of past works, you can be assured that your home will be in good hands. Get in touch with us today or make an appointment at our showroom to get started.


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