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Ample space and impeccable design are the hallmarks of a well functioning kitchen. Aluminium has revolutionised kitchen cabinetry and aluminium kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity in Singapore. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are a safe and durable alternative to the traditional wooden cabinets. They come with modern, stylish finishings and offer various cabinet parts like shelves, drawers and back panels to make your kitchen function, spacious and clutter-free. In addition to all those features, the design and colours can be customised to suit your home’s aesthetic.


Aluminium is a stable metal that is not affected by temperature and humidity. It is a superior material for cleaning and maintenance as it does not have porous irregularities like wood that can get stained or never be fully cleaned. Spills are a worry of the past with aluminium kitchen cabinets. Wood cabinets can absorb moisture and even warp if left wet constantly, but aluminium cabinets won’t absorb any moisture.



At Amare La Casa, we make innovative custom kitchen cabinets that delight our customers. With years of experience delivering the perfect kitchen storage solutions and cabinets for homes throughout Singapore, we are the experts when it comes to kitchen cabinet carpentry.

Regardless of your kitchen size, we work with you to find the perfect solution that fits your needs and home aesthetic. Get to know more about our custom made cabinet selections including our aluminium kitchen cabinets with a free consultation at our showroom.

Our professional team of interior designers will personally come down to your home, in order to best determine the desired aesthetic and location of your kitchen cabinets, customise your designs accordingly and make the most out of your ideal kitchen space.

Client satisfaction is one of the core tenets of our firm and we will only start installation of the kitchen cabinets when you give us the go-ahead. Only when you are completely satisfied and happy, will we proceed to the next stage of construction.



Typically, aluminium cabinets cost more than wood cabinets currently. However, there are many reasons why aluminium cabinets are worth the investment. Good quality kitchen cabinets should last at least 10 years and hopefully more. Aluminium kitchen cabinets give you the durability, resistibility, ease of maintenance and versatility that will contribute a long way towards long-lasting cabinets. Due to the quality of material and benefits, aluminium kitchen cabinets may cost more during the initial purchase, but will actually save you money in the long run!


We use high quality aluminium and excellent workmanship to ensure your satisfaction and safety. Our tested and certified aluminium makes your kitchen cabinets sturdy and safe to use. Our team are also skilled in designing and installing aluminium kitchen cabinets, so aluminium cabinet noise won’t be an issue.

Definitely! Don’t just take our word for it, consider these reasons why aluminium cabinets make financial sense:

Temperature and humidity resistance

Aluminium kitchen cabinets can withstand environmental temperature and this is a great feature in humid Singapore! Your cabinets won’t warp or change in size, so minimal repairs are required. They are also easy to maintain since they won’t absorb ambient moisture.

Termite and pest resistance

Termites and other pests are a huge headache for wood kitchen cabinet owners. Since aluminium kitchen cabinets do not absorb moisture, they won’t rot, turn moldy or get infested by termites or other pests, saving you money and trouble.

Safe and easy to clean

Amare La Casa’s aluminium cabinets are fire rated, so they can withstand high temperatures without being as flammable as wood cabinets. You can cook with peace of mind knowing your cabinets won’t catch on fire if a mishap ever happens.

Wear and tear will happen even with sleek, high quality kitchen cabinets. WIth the myriad of ingredients and cooking styles, kitchen cabinets can easily get stained or dirty. You don’t have to worry about taking special care with aluminium kitchen cabinets. They are remarkably easy to maintain and cleaning is a breeze with just a cloth, mild detergent and water to wipe away stains and dirt. 

If you have a busy lifestyle or don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining your home, you should certainly consider aluminium kitchen cabinets.


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