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5 Things to Know About the Wall System Wardrobe

Having suitable storage integrated into your living space is the key to turning any room or area into a clutter-free sanctuary. Of all the storage solutions available, the one item of furniture that is highly capable of delivering on your need for a more organised living is the wardrobe. With hundreds of wardrobes in the market, from walk-in wardrobes to pole system wardrobes, finding one that will perfectly balance style and functionality between your wardrobe and interior design scheme can be tricky. Add to that the fact that these options merely set up the frame for which a range of combinations and configurations of drawers, shelves, and poles can be incorporated, and your choices are truly unlimited. But of all types of wardrobes, the wall system wardrobe remains unrivalled to this day. A popular customised wardrobe amongst homeowners in Singapore, the wall system wardrobe boasts several properties and features that will effectively cater to your specific requirements. 

1. A Stylish One-Time Investment

When it comes to choosing the right wardrobe system for homes, it ultimately boils down to its ability to last long and retain functionality in your home for years to come. While flat-packed wardrobes and mass-produced alternatives that you can buy online are undoubtedly convenient, a spacious and fashionable custom-designed wall system wardrobe is one to lust over. At Amare La Casa, our wall system wardrobes are constructed from robust materials, certifying their durability and potential to stand the test of time. In addition, our wall system wardrobes come with a 10-year written guarantee to ensure the quality of our products. 

2. Optimal Space Optimisation

From the amount of floor space to the height of the ceiling, there are many things to consider before purchasing a wardrobe. While acing measurement is just as important when integrating a wall system wardrobe in your home, this wardrobe type works its magic even in the most compact spaces. Utilising your wall, floor, and ceiling as the backing, it fully maximises the space you have available. Unlike pre-built wardrobes that have a structure that’s set in stone, wall system wardrobes are not boxed up. Every area of space and compartment thus serves a practical function. Offering a super-innovative interior with built-in drawers, shelving units, and adjustable cubby holes, organisation options are aplenty. Have heavy luggage tugged in a corner of your room? Perhaps you have duvet covers and curtains vacuum-packed so that they fit in a storage box? Wall system wardrobes reduce the clutter and rid you of the need to invest in additional furniture as all compartments are usable. Even above the height of 2 metres, you’ll be able to store rarely used bulky items, while leaving lower compartments free for frequently used necessities. 

3. Fully Customisable

More often than not, homeowners have to figure out their functionality requirements and then begin their hunt for a wardrobe that checks all the boxes. However, with a wall system wardrobe, the tables are flipped. At Amare La Casa, we understand that visual harmony and functionality are understandably two crucial factors in deciding on an ideal wardrobe system. With our wall system wardrobe, you’ll be able to have a closet that is custom-made to blend in with the existing style of your interior. Be it your bedroom or your living room, wall system wardrobes can be customised to even have mirrored doors! A fully customised wardrobe from floor-to-ceiling, you can modify the internal compartments and choose different wood varnishes, laminates, and door types. Simply put, they are custom-made to fit your personal taste, offering a plethora of design choices and colours to choose from. Leveraging the expertise and extensive experience of our manufacturers and design team, every custom-made wardrobe by Amare La Casa is thus personalised and made-to-measure.

4. Moveable Built-In

Let’s face it – a large piece of furniture is often difficult to move around, so much so that some homeowners make the painful decision to toss or leave behind their most beloved furniture when moving homes. But with a wall system wardrobe, this will be a thing of the past. Built for long-term use and flexibility, this wardrobe system can be dismantled, relocated, and reinstalled. Better yet, when you have a wardrobe custom-made by Amare La Casa, our team of professional designers will be able to not only reinstall your wardrobe in your new home, but also redesign it to complement the brand-new space. Talk about ultimate cost savings!

5. Multi-Functional 

As a large and dominant piece of furniture, your wardrobe can make or break the overall theme of a room. But what if we told you that a wall system wardrobe is more than a mere block of wood to stash your clothes? If you’ve been searching for a creative way to hide your TV console or discreetly hide wet rooms, our wall system wardrobes can do just that. Common amongst homeowners concerned about feng shui or the aesthetics of their interior, some of Amare La Casa’s popular projects involve having a wall system wardrobe double up as a divider. Functioning as both a room partition and storage space, the versatility of the wall system wardrobe is unmatched.

Design a Wall System Wardrobe with Amare La Casa

Functional, versatile, long-lasting, and customisable – these are a few of the many appealing factors of a wall system wardrobe. If you are looking to revel in the list of benefits a custom-made wall system wardrobe has to offer, consider working with Amare La Casa. Specialising in the construction and installation of custom wall-mounted wardrobes, our team of professional designers will work with you to create and install your ideal custom-made wardrobe system in your Singapore home. Get in touch with us to learn more about the difference between a wall and pole system wardrobe, and if a wall system wardrobe is ideal for your living space. 

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