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Deciding Between a Wall & Pole System Wardrobe

Most homeowners living in space-scarce Singapore frequently face the common predicament of having a full-sized wardrobe fit into the limited space they have available. Some might just cave in and sacrifice their precious square footage for a built-in wardrobe or even opt for a minimalist bedroom design that simply includes a closet and bed. But unbeknownst to many, there is a range of wardrobe types that can help plan a room’s layout more efficiently while maximising storage. Two of these wardrobes include the wall system and the pole system wardrobe, which are known for their quality, function and design. Above all else, they are the perfect options to consider if you prefer not to sacrifice large amounts of usable room just for storage.

Similarities between the wall and pole system wardrobe

When it comes to designing a wardrobe that complements your existing interior design, a customised wardrobe triumphs over store-bought ones. Allowing homeowners to seize every inch of space, custom-designed wardrobes such as the wall and pole system types are tailored fit and personalised. Besides functioning as organisers that deliver both brawn and beauty, these two wardrobe types share multiple similarities as they: 

1. Provide maximum capacity

Utilising the wall, floor and ceiling as support, wall and pole system wardrobes offer maximum capacity. When pre-built wardrobes purchased from furniture stores are installed in a room, there will often be a large gaping hole left between the wardrobe and the ceiling. Aesthetics aside, playing a game of Tetris in an attempt to transform this empty space into a functional one can be challenging and impractical. A wall or pole system wardrobe, allows you to bid good riddance to these issues as both systems optimise storage by extending storage space all the way to the floor and ceiling. 

2. Can be customised to your needs 

Another aspect of these systems that homeowners and interior designers alike find appealing is that they are versatile and modular. Forget leaving your bulky closets behind while you shift homes or buying a brand new one when you run out of space. Built to last for long-term use, these wardrobe systems can be customised to meet your needs. Need more hanging space? Want sliding doors installed instead of an open concept wardrobe? Both these modular systems are fully customisable and flexible enough to have elements added, be dismantled and relocated with ease, ensuring that your wardrobe keeps up as your wardrobe needs change. 

3. Allow proper space planning

Compared to built-in wardrobes that are permanent fixtures, wall and pole system wardrobes let you make use of proper space planning and special design concepts to display items while maximising horizontal space. From add-on shelving to pigeonholes, they transform any tight space into a functionally spacious one with the help of efficient storage systems.

Differences between the wall and pole system wardrobe

Similarities aside, both these systems have their own distinguishing factors. Although both are capable of elevating the aesthetic appeal of your design theme, they differ in that: 

1. Pole system wardrobe 

Pole system wardrobes, also known as bar system, is a smart storage system that uses poles as their main support. Growing in popularity in recent years, it has even become the wardrobe system of choice in retail stores. Providing the opportunity to utilise areas that you never thought were possible, it maximises every inch of available space. Moveable and interchangeable, it incorporates adjustable heights for shelving units and hangers so that your bedroom looks neat and tidy. Oftentimes, false walls are required to be built for pole system wardrobes if the closet only has one existing wall available for support. One thing to note about this is that while the pole system wardrobe fixtures are movable, interchangeable, and can be relocated by default, any false walls installed alongside the pole system wardrobe cannot. 

2. Wall system wardrobe

Wall system wardrobes use wooden planks to provide support. Incorporating flexible clothing rails, removable shelves and more, the wall system offers a myriad of functions. Since wood is its main construction material, it has structural advantages as it rests sturdily on the ground. This means that it can also hold a heavier weight load compared to the pole system. Moreover, given its rigidity and structural integrity, you’ll never have to worry about items falling off the edge either.

Which should you choose?

Although many would eventually revert to their personal preferences to choose between both systems, there are functional aspects worth considering too. From your dream interior design to lifestyle habits, here are a few hypothetical scenarios to help simplify the selection process: 

1. You have kids

Both the wall and pole system support weight differently. This, in turn, can affect their strength and stability. To ensure the safety of your little ones who might find swinging on poles fun, opt for a wall system wardrobe. While a pole system comes with built-in discreet weights and brackets to anchor the unit to prevent items from toppling off, wall system wardrobes is naturally designed to rest sturdily on the ground and is able to hold a heavier weight load. Given its robust construction, you can rest assured that the unit remains anchored properly, even if the little ones get a little mischievous around the wardrobe.

2. You prefer an industrial interior design 

An industrial interior design focuses on metallic and wooden elements. For a bare and rustic edge, the pole system is ideal since it checks the boxes for all the key components needed to pull off the industrial theme. Besides its metal and wooden accents, the open wardrobe style that it possesses will imbue your bedroom with the openness that industrial interiors are all about. 

3. You prefer a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic

Finally, if you prefer something that is classic and extremely visually appealing, both the wall and pole system wardrobe will work wonders. Compared to solid cabinetry that will further increase the visual bulk in your living space, these open concept wardrobes will look sleek and well blended with the rest of your interior.

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Customise your wardrobes with Amare La Casa

Ultimately, it comes down to the functionality and level of organisation you expect the wardrobes to deliver. If you are looking to install either a wall or pole system wardrobe, consider working with Amare La Casa. As a customised wardrobe and closet specialist in Singapore, our team will work with you to design a custom system injected with a personal flair and huge storage spaces that can be easily incorporated into your home. Whether you would like something similar to our successful projects or a unique spacious wardrobe that meets all your requirements, we never compromise on quality. Get in touch with us to learn more about the different wardrobe types and if a wall or pole system wardrobe will complement your living space!

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