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5 Benefits of Having Customised Wardrobes in Your Home

Two facts about home interior design cannot be pushed under the rug — it should be a personal sanctuary that is designed to be organised and it should function as a long-term investment. Given these so-called unspoken “rules”, every homeowner and experienced designer would agree that having most, if not all, aspects of a living space designed to fit clearly defined specifications would be ideal. While some might argue that attaining such levels of originality and specificity can be complicated to arrange, the truth of the matter is that many are already taking unconscious steps to make it possible. From taking furniture measurements to considering various complementary design schemes, we are already finding quick-fix ways to combine our good tastes with quality and informed choices to find the perfect solution for our homes. 

However, there is one furniture piece that is often overlooked and frequently left in the hands of a furniture store catalogue — the wardrobe. Merely seen as a space to store clothing and other accessories, many assume that simply going for one that is spacious enough to accommodate their belongings will suffice. Not only is this far from the truth but the increased flexibility in furniture manufacturing in Singapore also shines light on the fact that investing in custom-made wardrobes will allow you to confidently bring your visions to life in ways that store-bought wardrobes will not be able to. But what exactly is a custom-made wardrobe, what makes them smart investments and how can you build your own customised wardrobe in Singapore? We cover them all in this blog.

What is a Customised Wardrobe?

A customised wardrobe, also known as a custom-made wardrobe, is one that is designed and built to the specific needs and preferences of the customer, taking into account factors such as the size and layout of the room, storage requirements, and preferred design styles. Compared to the ones that can be picked straight from a furniture store catalogue that clearly does not tailor to individual needs and preferences, custom-made wardrobes stray far from anything that is pre-designed and pre-built. And what more can one ask for when they have a wardrobe that is created specifically to fit all the items that they own, perfectly fit the space available, complement an aesthetic you have in mind, minimise clutter, and maximise storage space?

The Advantages of Custom-Designed Wardrobes

While it might have been made clear that customised wardrobes can help you store all your belongings in the neatest way as per your needs and are indeed designed according to your preferences, budgets and wants, there is a long list of other benefits worth highlighting:

1. Optimal Use of Space

Every home layout is different, which makes it tricky to find a one-size-fits-all storage solution — what might work for one home might not work for another. As such, it is important to find wardrobe solutions that take into consideration the layout of the room while simultaneously providing the right amount of storage space. This is where customised wardrobes with their ability to maximise space in nooks and crannies and efficiently accommodate doors, walls and beams come into the picture. 

Built to fit your existing space, they practically adapt to your requirements. Offering an endless number of possibilities, customised wardrobes might surprise you with their potential of creating storage spaces in places you might not have even thought of. From floor-to-ceiling shelving to drawers and cubbies closer to the ground, you can maximise whatever space you have without taking up too much floor or wall space. 

2. Integrated Design

Beyond the functional aspects of a custom-made wardrobe, these furniture pieces can be personalised in terms of their design too. Be it their exterior features, such as the integration of sliding doors, hinged ones, or even the colour of the wardrobe, your unique stylistic preferences will be taken into consideration to inject a personal flair. And when you work with wardrobe designers like Amare La Casa, a team of design consultants will collaborate with you to provide advice on colours and aesthetic design features that will match your existing living space’s design. This way, your custom wardrobe can play a major role in making a huge design statement in whichever room it is installed in.

3. Easy Organisation 

Every homeowner has individual storage needs — some may want extra space to store their jewellery while others might want extra hidden storage at the top to stow away their winter wear when they’re not travelling. Some homeowners might even want to make luxury living a reality by having a walk-in wardrobe. These can all be made possible with a customised wardrobe. 

But that’s not all! Remember those times when you simply threw your clothes into your 80 by 180cm store-bought wardrobe? This will probably be a thing of the past since professionally designed custom wardrobes will provide you with the structure to sort and organise all your belongings without much effort. Whether you require more hanging storage or racks for folded apparel, you will have the privilege of customising each and every feature. 

4. Guaranteed Quality

As with most customised furniture, you can have peace of mind knowing that the product you have ordered will be manufactured with extreme precision — that is if you have embarked on the project with a reputable and reliable wardrobe designer. This is because your custom-made wardrobe will be manufactured with properly sourced and selected materials and will be crafted by skilled specialists that have been in the game for a long time. 

5. Durability and Longevity

And lastly, one of the key advantages of custom wardrobes is that they offer you a long-lasting and durable storage solution. Unless you find yourself sitting on the shelves or have kids that love swinging on the clothing rails, you can rest assured that all elements of your wardrobe are designed to bear the weight of your belongings. Unlike ready-made wardrobes, which do not give you any say in the type of materials used for construction, you now have the chance to use the most durable materials. And as mentioned, working with a reliable wardrobe specialist means that the highest quality materials will be leveraged during its construction.

How Do I Design My Own Wardrobe?

Convinced by all that a custom-made wardrobe has to offer? How can you then go about designing your very own wardrobe? For starters, it is important to understand the different types of wardrobes that are available. Thereafter, you’ll have to decide between a wall and pole system wardrobe — they are, after all, two of the most popular types of custom wardrobes on the market today. While both fall under the custom-designed wardrobe umbrella since they are tailored to fit and personalised, they do have their own distinctive features. And if rigidity, structural integrity, and flexibility are what you are after, then the wall system wardrobe is worth considering. 

The wall system wardrobe is fully customisable to the point where it can help you realise your dream storage space. Built from scratch based on your requirements, wall system wardrobes are a stylish one-time investment. From having them function as a divider or room partition to being a simple floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with modifiable internal compartments, these wardrobes will be made to measure.

Design Smarter Storage Solutions with Amare La Casa

Designed to meet your unique storage needs, space-efficient, durable, long-lasting, and of course, built to fit your space, customised wardrobes are appealing in various ways. And if you are looking to experience all of the aforementioned benefits of a custom-made wardrobe, consider working with Amare La Casa. Specialising in the construction and installation of custom-made wall-to-wall mounted wardrobes, our dedicated team of wardrobe consultants in Singapore will work with you to design your dream wardrobe. Get in touch with us to learn more about the services we offer and browse through our catalogue of past projects to see if any of them piques your interest.

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