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Luxury Living: Having a Walk-in Wardrobe in Your Singapore Home


Of all the signs of domestic luxury, having a walk-in closet in one’s home is a clear indicator of thoughtful design and sophistication. Forget the million-dollar view and vintage furniture. Laying eyes on the walk-in wardrobe in a celebrities’ home tour is enough to inspire a full-blown closet makeover. Whether you are a fashion fanatic with a huge stash of clothes or simply in awe of the over-the-top glamour that most walk-in closets naturally radiate, there is no denying that having such a customised wardrobe in your home is the ultimate interior goal. But from concerns ranging from space limitation down to the design of the wardrobe, many homeowners in Singapore find themselves thinking twice before they commit to installing a walk-in wardrobe in their homes. However, are all these concerns ones to fret over when living in an HDB flat? And is experiencing the enviable aesthetic appeal of a walk-in closet only plausible for those who have the luxury of space? 

Reasons Why You Will Love Walk-in Wardrobes

Now rapidly becoming a growing trend even amongst homeowners living in smaller homes, walk-in wardrobes have evolved from a mere fashion statement and a symbol of luxury into a solution that brings functionality and a greater sense of organisation into a living space. But unlike other wardrobes available at furniture stores that provide a quick-fix way to stow away all of your clothes and belongings, how is building a walk-in closet from scratch a decision that you will never regret? Besides being able to bring to life your dreams of walking into a closet to get ready for the day, having a walk-in closet brings with it a stream of benefits too. Some of these include: 

1. Ease of Organisation

Do you have a wardrobe that is filled to the brim with clothes and are the metal rods installed within bent bearing the heavy load? Perhaps you’ve had instances where the only way to search for an article of clothing is to throw everything on the floor? These will be issues of the past when you have a walk-in wardrobe. Providing you with the opportunity to have everything within sight, a customised walk-in closet will offer sufficient space to not only hang your clothes but also store your watches and jewellery collection within smaller storage compartments. Whether you would like to have a dedicated area for all your clothes or have storage space to hide an ironing board within the closet, the possibilities are endless with this type of wardrobe. 

2. Space Optimisation

Unlike other storage solutions that take up floor space, a well-designed walk-in closet optimally utilises the space available. Forget having a large piece of furniture occupy an entire chunk of floor space as abiding by an open concept when designing these wardrobes does wonders in making any space look more open and spacious. Just like a built-in wardrobe that leverages space-saving technologies in order to maximise your living space, walk-in wardrobes can just as easily make use of any awkward or redundant space. Getting rid of space-occupying features like doors that open out, the fact that walk-in closets can be designed to have any shape – L-shape, square, and more – only adds to its appeal. But that’s not all! Walk-in wardrobes take it up a notch with their ability to create a multi-functional space. Be it through the creation of an illusion by acting as a wall that hides a bathroom or with the addition of other features like a dressing table, walk-in closets can provide extra function within a small space while simultaneously imbuing the area with class.

3. Enhance Your Home’s Appeal

While the main goal of most home renovation projects is to make the abode more liveable, it is also a type of investment in its own right. Every decision made during the home revamping process has an impact on your home’s value and the same applies to your wardrobe decision. Beyond being an in-trend element that is sure to leave potential buyers in awe, the longevity and durability of these customised wardrobes have the ability to boost the value of your property. Not to forget the added benefit of space maximisation mentioned above and the lavishness brought forth by a walk-in wardrobe remains unrivalled. 

Do You Have Space for a Walk-in Wardrobe?

Even if having a walk-in closet is on the list of must-haves in an ideal home, many homeowners remain wary of installing it for several reasons. But of all the various reasons, one of the main hesitations revolves around space. But what if we told you that even if you live in a new BTO 4-room flat, there is capacity for a walk-in wardrobe? Not requiring a spare room or hacking away at walls, integrating a walk-in closet into your home is completely possible with good wardrobe design. As a matter of fact, this can be done in multiple ways. 

1. The Fake Corridor of Fashion

If you do not have a tiny spare room to overhaul, make use of the en route to the bathroom. You could go with an open concept wardrobe where the entire area is installed with storage solutions as seen in pole system wardrobes and wall system wardrobes. Alternatively, you can keep your clothes hidden for a sleeker look by adding sliding doors. While leveraging the barren walking space from the master bedroom to the ensuite bathroom is a great way to make use of all the space available, it is crucial to note that bringing this design to fruition is highly dependent on the layout of your room.

2. The Makeshift Room

As the saying goes, “if you can’t make it, fake it!” By creating a partitioned area with your wardrobes, you can easily design an area that resembles a walk-in closet. Whether this involves putting up a false partition wall to act as a separator from the main space or utilising an existing wall, proper wardrobe design expertise is all you need to delineate the space between your walk-in closet and the bedroom more clearly. 

3. The Private Corner

Last but not least, you could opt for an enclosed closet in the corner of your room. Easy to install in any area of the room – the entrance of the bedroom, right by the bed, or right by the entrance of the master en-suite – an enclosed walk-in closet may look like there is a room within a room, but the level of privacy that this type of closet provides cannot be competed with. 

Walk into Your Wardrobe with Style with Amare La Casa

A dream for every style aficionado and the epitome of good wardrobe design, having a walk-in wardrobe is a sure-fire way of upgrading your home and adding oomph to your overall interior. As a customised wardrobe and closet specialist in Singapore, Amare La Casa makes the process of installing a walk-in closet in your abode an exclusive experience. Work with an experienced and professional team of designers who will always be on hand for consultations. Throughout the entire process, from design to the final installation, we provide tailored services to meet your every need. Besides our quality workmanship and proprietary technology that will not damage existing walls, floors and ceilings, you can rest assured that our solutions stay true to our philosophy of providing unmatched flexibility to meet future requirements. Regardless of whether you need to dismantle and reinstall your wardrobe or have your wardrobe designed according to a specific design scheme, our professional designers will not only factor in your requirements and must-haves but also have everything installed in your home in one day. Get in touch with us to learn more about our wardrobe design services and packages and how we can help design a functional and ornamental walk-in wardrobe for your home in Singapore.

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