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Understanding the Different Types of Wardrobes

There’s no denying that wardrobes are an essential part of any living space, which makes choosing the right design crucial for the overall look and feel of your home in Singapore. Beyond the space and organisational structure that it will provide for your clothes and belongings, factors such as user-friendliness, affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal must all be looked into before taking the plunge and installing one in your abode. But with different types of wardrobes made available to homeowners today and with each individual having their own understanding of the term “modern”, how do you go about refining your style and perfecting your wardrobe? From wall system wardrobes to pole system wardrobes, we explore the different types of wardrobes, their features, and why they may be the right choice for your home.  

The World of Modern Wardrobe Designs in Singapore

Before we dive headfirst into the different types of wardrobes to consider, it can make all the difference to your decision-making process if you are armed with a thorough understanding of what it means for a wardrobe to be “modern”. Although the term “modern” by definition means in vogue and current, it has many various connotations in the design world. While modernism can mean clean lines, minimalism, and monochromatic colours back in the day, modernism simultaneously means contemporary. This means that modern wardrobes are contemporary creations that push boundaries. Be it through the incorporation of innovative technology or a customised internal layout that meets your needs, modern wardrobe design ideas lean towards not only being a central feature in the location of installation but also optimally catering to the needs of homeowners. Given the drastic improvements seen in the design of modern-day wardrobes, finding one that will blend in with the rest of your interior décor will be a breeze, but you’ll still have to decide on the ideal style that will efficiently satisfy your specific layout and organisation needs. Here is a list of the top designs for wardrobes in Singapore: 

1. Pole System Wardrobe

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Pole system wardrobes are clever and customisable, making for the perfect foundation in any and every modern home. Crafted to complement a modern and contemporary scheme, custom build your very own storage space by selecting the components and modules to create a wardrobe system that will seamlessly fit into your living space. Comprising flexible fixtures while optimally utilising space from the floor to the ceiling, play around with height-adjusting features and accessories, and utilise every inch of space that you never thought was possible to tap into. Excluding its fixed false walls, all the fixtures of a pole system wardrobe can be mixed, interchanged, and even conveniently dismantled. 

Is this the Wardrobe for You?

Looking for an aesthetically-pleasing wardrobe that boasts a modern design that guarantees you always have top-notch, Instagram-worthy pictures every time you take a shot with your closet in the back? The pole system wardrobe is perfect for young and modern couples who simply require something sturdy that caters to their minimal wardrobe needs while still retaining high levels of flexibility. Extremely user-friendly in terms of their ability to cater to your ever-changing needs, these wardrobes are built to last and designed to fit your precise setup. The cost of installing a pole system wardrobe is also dependent on the design, size and materials you have decided to leverage but rest assured that the initial cost of investment will last you for a long time to come. However, do note that the pole system wardrobe might not be the best choice if you have kids or are looking for something that offers a large storage space. 

2. Sliding Door Wardrobe 

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Let’s face it, the traditional hinge door closets can be a hassle when there are space constraints. Putting a modern spin on the old-school classics, a sliding door wardrobe is a non-fussy style that allows you to use your space in the most efficient way possible. With doors designed to slide smoothly on a metal track, they not only save precious space but also injects a modern look with their cool sliding mechanism. Although these can be found ready-made in furniture stores at affordable prices, homeowners looking for some design flexibility can work with wardrobe specialists like Amare La Casa which not only boast an endless catalogue of stylish options but are also capable of implementing such systems into your existing wardrobe. For example, at Amare La Casa, we are able to install sliding doors to your existing wardrobes or even as a partition so that you can elevate both the stylistic and functional appeal of a standard wardrobe. 

Is this the Wardrobe for You?

If you are tight on space and prefer a wardrobe that has perfected the balance of modernity with old traditions, the sliding door wardrobe will check all your boxes. Functionally, it excels in space-saving, all while oozing the cool factor. Never relying on hinges to hold the doors, hindered traffic flow whenever the closet doors are open will be an issue of the past.  

3. Local Carpentry Wardrobe 

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Rather not have a wardrobe that can be picked out from a catalogue? If you’ve always had dreams of creating a wardrobe that is completely one-of-its-kind, a local carpentry wardrobe is the one for you. One of the two types of built-in wardrobes, a local carpentry wardrobe is built from scratch just to bring your individual design ideals to life, and is the definition of a strong personality encapsulated into a furniture piece. Being one of the most commonly used carpentry systems by all carpenters in Singapore, a local carpentry built-in wardrobe provides you with a conduit to ignore or leverage trends and combine them with your style concepts. This means that the final result will be tailored to your aesthetic preferences no matter what they may be – but, of course, when working with an experienced customised wardrobe and closet specialist, they will take the necessary steps to make it fully functional. 

Is this the Wardrobe for You?

If you want every single element of your wardrobe to reflect your personal style, a local carpentry built-in wardrobe will be carved out from the exact parameters set by you. Since they are built-in to the wall, it saves you space and even the most awkward of spaces can be used. Be your own architect, hone your visual taste buds and work with skilled carpenters who will be able to understand and make this defined style concept tangible through their creations for you. The only downsides to local carpentry built-in wardrobes are that you might not be able to store things above a certain height as they might be boxed up and they require platforms both below and behind the wardrobe. This means that they are not ideal for homes that have high ceilings or areas in which there are installations such as aircon trunking in the wall. If you do have smooth walls with no obstructions, then this built-in wardrobe will be great to have customised to fit into that oddly shaped corner of your room and maximise the space available. 

4. Wall System Wardrobe 

And lastly, there are wall system wardrobes. Another type of built-in wardrobe, the wall system wardrobe is tailored to fit and can be personalised. Unlike the local carpentry built-in wardrobe that will be boxed up above 2.4m, the wall system wardrobe will not. This means that it provides maximum capacity and makes full use of every little space available. A wall system wardrobe not only allows you to extend storage space all the way to the floor and ceiling but since no platform is required on the bottom or the back, you can also utilise the wall, floor and ceiling for top-notch support and promote better ventilation.

Moreover, a built-in wall system wardrobe can be dismantled and relocated. This is not to be confused with the aforementioned pole system wardrobe as there are differences between a wall system and a pole system wardrobe. For one, the wall system wardrobe uses wooden planks instead of poles as their main support. As a result of this, its structural integrity remains unrivalled, guaranteeing longevity. And of all the things to know about the wall system wardrobe, the most exciting is the fact that the walk-in option falls under this type of wardrobe category. 

Walk-in Wardrobes 

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The epitome of luxury, walk-in wardrobes are an indicator of thoughtful design and sophistication. Beyond radiating over-the-top glamour, these wardrobes come with huge storage space for all your clothing and accessories. Giving you loads of freedom to get incredibly organised and creative with your storage options, these wardrobes enhance your home’s appeal due to their enviable aesthetic. Bringing functionality and a greater sense of organisation, a walk-in wardrobe is worth considering if you have the budget to engage in the services of a professional design team to consult about its installation and design. If you are worried about the time it’ll take to create a walk-in wardrobe, fret not! With the experience of Amare La Casa’s team, installation of a walk-in wardrobe can be done in a day – all at an affordable price, without any compromise on quality. 

Is this the Wardrobe for You?

If form and function are at the forefront of your interior design scheme, then the wall system built-in wardrobe can be made according to your specifications. Utilising smart design ideas and space-saving techniques and technologies, you can do everything from incorporating sliding doors to adding casement doors as per your preferences. If you are going for something more chic and luxurious that simultaneously saves space, you can go for sliding doors — the choice is yours!

Choose the Right Wardrobe for Your Home with Amare La Casa

There are different types of wardrobes to choose from but the question of which is best for you depends on your needs, standards, and budget. At Amare La Casa, we build customised wardrobes to fit any home in Singapore. Taking into account the overall space, making the necessary plans, and the ideal aesthetics you are trying to achieve in your room, our team works with you throughout every decision-making process to create a wardrobe that fits your budget and storage needs. Customised to fit, and accompanied by our tailored services, quality workmanship and proprietary technologies, all our products and services will aid in adding character to your living space in unrivalled ways. Get in touch with us to learn more about the different types of wardrobes we can customise for your home and how our services and packages can be personalised to fit your needs.

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